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'old Istrian town in Porec, Croatia.' motorolka / Shutterstock

Novigrad is a lovely maritime settlement only 25 km away from the Slovenian border. It used to be a peaceful fishermen’s settlement, gaining its reputation of the desirable tourist destination in the past few decades. Despite rapid development in the recent years, Novigrad managed to preserve and maintain its irresistible charm of the peaceful fishermen’s settlement and that recognizable, soothing atmosphere of the Mediterranean small town.

Inhabited since the early ancient times, Novigrad is architectural gem full of historically important sights and of rich cultural heritage. The city preserved its medieval structure; surrounded by the protective walls. Many periods of foreign domination, from Byzantine, German and Venetian to Austrian, Napoleon’s and Italian; are clearly seen on the face of this ancient city that bears traces of many civilizations.

Explore the many sighs of Novigrad; its magnificent medieval protective walls fortified by the two renaissance towers; the parish church of St. Mary, St. Maximilian and St. Pelagius; the large collection of stone monuments of the city’s Lapidarium, numerous Romanesque buildings and ancient Roman summer houses.

Novigrad, as a modern tourist destination, offers a variety of accommodation options with rich gastronomic offer, diverse beaches and numerous recreation activities. There are several hotels in the wider city area; most of them three or four star resorts. The city also has three camps and a diverse offer of private accommodation facilities. And for the sailing lovers, Novigrad has one of the best marinas on the Adriatic, situated at the St. Anton’s Bay.

The most prestigious gastronomic publications and guides from all over the world include Novigrad among the top gastronomic destinations in this part of Europe. The local eating venues promote the traditional Istrian cuisine characteristic for mixing Mediterranean influences with continental dishes. Some of the best restaurants and taverns in the area include Sampiero Tavern, Marina restaurant, Damir & Ornella and Sidro Tavern.

Although lacking the richness of a modern nightclub scene, Novigrad has a very rich nightlife programme. Every city street and square serves as a venue for an open air concert or performance. At the end of August the city of Novigrad celebrates its day, the St. Pelagius Celebration. It is the most attended festival with various cultural, entertainment and sport events. Lunasa Astral Party is based on an old Celtic tradition. Held on August 1st of every year, this event gathers astronomy lovers to observe the night sky and hear stories of ancient civilizations. The public city lights are turned off for the night and the streets are illuminated by torches, giving the city a note of mysticism and enhancing the romantic atmosphere.

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